Paulina Kaiv-oja Vestas

Vestas is delighted with the wide-ranging service environment

Vestas Wind Systems A/S is a Danish company that manufactures wind turbines for electricity production, and they have more than 30 years’ experience as a manufacturer and supplier. Considered one of the leading companies in the field, it is also the largest in terms of units installed.

Vestas has had offices in the Futura I–IV buildings in Runsor, Vaasa for seven years and they have been in their current premises for almost a year. Vestas’s number of staff at the Vaasa unit has grown quickly over the last few years and today there are some 20 people working there. At the beginning of operations in Vaasa, the company employed just two people. This year, the Vaasa unit will install roughly 170 new turbines and is in the process of recruiting new employees. Their goal is to have 110 people working on the ground by the end of 2021.

Paulina Kaivo-oja has been working for Vestas since 2016 and today she is the Area Manager of the service department. Paulina explains that the company’s growth has skyrocketed over the last few years. “We have outgrown our premises many times over the last five years,” she says.

Paulina values Vaasa Parks’ flexibility and excellent service attitude. “We simply explain what we need, and Vaasa Parks delivers,” says Paulina. “We currently operate in an open-plan office, with managers working in their own rooms. We appreciate the soundproof phone booths, but we have no need for large meeting rooms because the service environment of the Futura I–IV buildings makes it so easy to rent conference rooms.”

Are there other benefits to working in the Futura I–IV buildings in Runsor? “Definitely. It’s great to have so many lunch restaurants to choose from and to have the airport so close. We normally have a lot of customers and colleagues visiting us, flying in from Sweden or Denmark,” Paulina says.

“Right now, there are many new turbines being installed along Finland’s coast, as well as in central parts of the country,” Paulina explains and continues: “We estimate that the Nordic countries will have more wind turbines than Germany within about a year.” In addition to Finland, Vestas also has offices in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and they all engage in close cooperation. “We are working very intensely at the moment, which means that there is a danger that we may have to ask Vaasa Parks for larger premises again soon,” Paulina says, laughing.

All of us at Vaasa Parks wish Paulina and Vestas’s Vaasa unit all the best and are happy to help them with any future expansion needs they may have in the service environment of the Futura I–IV buildings!

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