TietoEVRY is expanding in the Futura I–IV buildings

At the beginning of 2021, TietoEVRY opened the doors of its brand-new office in the Futura II building in Vaasa Airport Park. There will be a total of 160 people working in the office, offering IT support to clients across the Nordic countries, but mainly in Finland and Sweden.

TietoEVRY is a Finnish limited company that provides consultation and development services. The company has just over 24,000 employees in more than 20 countries, serving clients mainly in the banking and financial sector, telecommunications, health care, schools and the forest industry.

Why did TietoEVRY decide to relocate its help desk services to Vaasa? “Vaasa’s bilingualism is unique, and it is important to us to be able to serve our customers in their mother tongue,” says Line Manager Markus Nylund.

The company’s Vaasa office is divided into three units, and Markus is one of the three Line Managers leading the Vaasa unit and IT support, along with Pekka Liedes and Aron Leppäviita.

Picture 1:  Line Managers Pekka Liedes and Markus Nylund

The company’s recruitment efforts have proceeded very quickly over the last few months and have all been carried out remotely. All the interviews have been held online and, according to Markus, this has worked better than expected. He points out that diversity has been an extremely important part of the recruitment process and adds: “IT is traditionally a very male-dominated sector, but we have employed both men and women of various ages who, of course, have excellent language skills.”

TietoEVRY’s premises are located in the Futura I and Futura II buildings in Runsor, Vaasa. Currently, TietoEVRY’s help desk services are located on the third floor of the Futura II building. There is also a 600 m² office space being prepared for the company in Futura I. “We are planning to start a 24/7 help desk service in Futura I,” Markus explains.

Picture 2: Common break room on 3rd floor of Futura II

The office spaces are equipped with colourful acoustic panels and soundproofed booths. The quiet booths are an important addition to the otherwise open work environment. “Every now and then it’s important to be able to work without any distractions,” Markus says. At present, the only people in the company’s premises in the Futura II building are Markus, Pekka and Aron. They can’t wait to start working side by side with their teams. “Once the restrictions ease off, we will all be able to meet face to face again,” Markus says, smiling.

When the time comes to return to the office, TietoEVRY employees will be welcomed to a work environment where there are no specifically assigned desks for them and where the managers share the same space with their teams. “Having a designated room for managers seems so old-fashioned and hierarchical. We want our managers to be where our team members are,” says Markus.

In the future, Markus hopes to serve more IT help desk customers, which would mean having a larger team and bigger premises in the Futura buildings. We wish Markus and TietoEVRY’s Vaasa unit all the best and lots of success and wish them a warm welcome to the Futura I–IV business environment!


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