Vaasa Parks – space for growth

In its almost 20 years of operation, Vaasa Parks has promoted the region’s commercial and industrial life through various business parks and property development projects. We now offer extremely versatile operating environments in the Futura I–IV technology buildings in Vaasa Airport Park and coordinate development projects for the city, for example, via the Invest In Vaasa project.

Vaasa Parks develops and lets out premises in the Futura I–IV technology buildings for companies. We act as an organising body for the industrial policies of the City of Vaasa and its neighbouring municipalities and are involved in several cooperation projects with other cities in Finland. Our goals include developing the land use of the region’s business parks and the marketing of plots and premises.

Business park developer

Vaasa Parks has a long history as the promoter of business growth and the preconditions for growth in the region. The company was founded in 2000 and has since built numerous important business premises and been in charge of developing business parks throughout the Vaasa region. In addition to the Futura I–IV buildings, some of our best-known development sites are the Powergate buildings built for Wärtsilä Finland and the Circle House built for Citec.

In November 2018, Vaasa Parks’ operations were divided in two, with Vaasa Parks focusing on the operation of the Futura I–IV buildings and shared development projects and VP Facilities continuing the preparation and construction contracting of real estate projects tailored for companies in the Vaasa region.

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