Significant real estate project in Vaasa returns to local ownership

Industrial halls and plot in the heart of Runsor enable new activities

The real estate located at Tarhaajantie 2 has new local owners. The buyer in the property deal finalised yesterday, on 29 April 2021, is a new company known as KOy T2 Partners Vaasa, which is owned by VP Facilities Oy Ab, Kvadraten Ab and Famdell Oy Ab with a 1/3 share each. The sale price will not be published.

As Vaasa-based operators and investors in properties, we want to develop the city and the whole region. This new collaboration allows us to generate the conditions for companies to create new positive news. All three partners involved play a slightly different role in the company and each role complements that of the others,” says Niclas Lundell, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Famdell Oy.

The property consists of 12,000 m² of industrial premises currently in use and 16,000 m² of office buildings that have been empty for a little over a year. The plot belongs to the property and is 94,000 m². The property’s location in the main direction of travel along the motorway to the Vaasa Airport Park business park is excellent.

Led by Ulla Mäki-Lohiluoma, VP Facilities and Vaasa Parks have turned Runsor into an important business area. The real estate now bought forms a large part of this entire area in a prominent location. In my opinion, plots this good are seldom available.  It is our job now to develop and renovate the industrial halls already there and make the most of their best features,” Kenneth Krooks says. He is a member of the new company’s Board and Chairman of the Board at Kvadraten Ab.

The property’s industrial facilities are in good overall condition.  Particularly the newest warehouse, with its high ceilings, built in the early 2000s, will bring great opportunities for many kinds of storage and production activities after it becomes vacant. All the production areas can be modernised and customised to create great solutions for different-scale activities according to the customer’s needs.

The office buildings, on the other hand, will be demolished. The seller applied for a demolition permit for them in March and the demolition is set to be carried out this year.

The biggest challenge in the property are the offices, many of which are empty.  We have decided to knock down all the offices, including the restaurant, that were built according to the 1980s–90s way of thinking and that are in part in poor repair. This will leave us with a large plot where we will design one to three buildings mainly for production according to the companies’ needs,” says CEO of VP Facilities Oy Ab Ulla Mäki-Lohiluoma. She is also the CEO of KOy T2 Partners Vaasa and KOy Producta III Vaasa, the latter of which was established to administer the demolition part of the project. Producta III Vaasa is entirely owned by VP Facilities.

The industrial halls are fully rented out for now, but the T2 Partners will begin their collaborative development and marketing work immediately.

Based on positive corporate messages, we know that there is plenty of demand for these types of facilities in the Vaasa region. These buildings have already contributed to the operations of many companies today and given thousands of skilled people work opportunities. Through collaborative development, our main goal is to provide companies with competitive business environments in the middle of an ecosystem of energy technology enterprises. We believe we are a great team for the job,” Lundell, Krooks and Mäki-Lohiluoma add together.

For more information contact:

Niclas Lundell, tel. +358 50 313
Kenneth Krooks, tel. +358 500 562
Ulla Mäki-Lohiluoma, tel. +358 40 573

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