We welcome TietoEVRY’s new unit to the Futura I-IV operating environment!

TietoEVRY today published a press release on the opening of approximately 160 new jobs in Vaasa as part of the unification of its IT support services. We welcome TietoEVRY’s new unit and all its IT-experts to Vaasa and Futura II.

Mayor Tomas Häyry states in a press release compiled by VASEK that TietoEVRY brings particularly strong digitalisation experise to the region’s energy technology cluster. TietoEVRY’s country manager Satu Kiiskinen states in the press release that in Vaasa you can e.g. find diverse expertise and an extensive university network. TietoEVRY also wants to be involved in further developing the business sector in the region .

Ulla Mäki-Lohiluoma, CEO of Vaasa Parks Oy Ab, is also pleased with TietoEVRY’s strong expansion in Vaasa and the cooperation:

-Our team at Vaasa Parks Oy Ab are also very satisfied with the result we have now achieved through strong collaboration in the Invest In-work. An international, listed company has high demands on its physical operating environment and premises, but we have managed to find offices in Futura I-IV that meet the needs to the extent and pace required by TietoEVRY. We continue the work of developing TietoEVRY’s business environments in the best possible way.


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