Cooperation brings the best results

Vaasa Parks coordinates several cooperation projects for the city and the region which aim to make the physical business environments of the region’s companies more and more attractive.


Vaasa region’s register of business premises

We maintain a public online service at It is an open brokerage service for business premises and plots where you can seek vacant premises in the area and available plots offered by the municipalities.

Contact person: Jenna Hoffrén

Invest In Vaasa

The Vaasa region is the heart of exporting activities in Finland; come and invest in us! Vaasa Parks coordinates the important Invest In Vaasa project, which involves attracting more and more business activities and companies to the region, especially ones in the energy and automation technology sectors. The Invest In Vaasa operations model has been developed in collaboration with the City and other operators. The most significant contribution to the Invest In Vaasa project over the last few years is the development of the battery factory area (GigaVaasa).

Contact person: Ulla Mäki-Lohiluoma


The Vaasa region is excellently situated for the creation of an extensive hub of battery factories. In collaboration especially with the City of Vaasa, Technology Centre Merinova, Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK and the energy group Vaasan Sähkö, we are developing the region and marketing it to international battery suppliers, from the manufacture of cathodes and anodes to cell manufacturing and the assembly of complete battery packages. Thanks to the land use development projects of 2017 and 2018, the area has a total of 328 hectares of plots suitable for battery manufacture with the permission to house industrial facilities that manufacture or store hazardous substances, granted by the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency, TUKES. Read more:

Contact person: Ulla Mäki-Lohiluoma

Urban development

Vaasa Parks frequently acts as the link between companies and the City officials when dealing with matters relating to land use, town planning and plot supply. We also act as the facilitator of new development ideas, especially when promoting companies’ physical operating environments. We work in close cooperation with the City of Vaasa, the neighbouring municipalities and development and marketing organisations.

Contact person: Ulla Mäki-Lohiluoma