Jan Smedlund Cadmatic

Social connections as an extra bonus

Cadmatic, a company that manufactures and sells the CADS Planner software opened their Vaasa office in the autumn of 2000. At that time area manager Jan Smedlund heard of the Futura technology houses that were being planned, and decided to immediately make a reservation for a one-man office space.

– I was among the first to into the Futura I house at the end of 2002 and since then I have worked here and really enjoyed it, Smedlund recalls.

He appreciates the well-serviced, clean office spaces with excellent communications connections, which are a lifeline for the satellite office when reaching both head office and customers. The physical accessibility of the houses is also good, and customers find it easily no matter which direction they are travelling from. The lobby service is a big help for a one-man office and the restaurant offers the possibility to meet up for lunch with other people in the building.

– As I work alone, I’m lacking the social connections of a larger office. Here, I have the opportunity to meet up with other people during lunch and coffee breaks, and it makes up for lack of coworkers, Smedlund concludes.

An office in Futura I since year 2002. Current office space apprx. 22m2


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