Michael Sandberg Prokonilta toimistossaan Futura III-talossa

Five minute journey to the airport is a huge advantage

The wind power development company Prokon’s parent company is in Germany, and the company also collaborates a great deal with its French and Danish partners and customers, among others. That’s why the location of its offices in Finland, close to the Vaasa airport, makes everyday life in the office much easier.

“You don’t have to hurry through a meeting or finish it early even if your visitors have an evening flight to catch. It’s just a five minute journey to the airport from here,” says Prokon’s country manager Michael Sandberg.

The proximity of the airport also makes Sandberg’s and his employees’ own business trips shorter. Sandberg explains that an employee due to catch an afternoon flight has time to do an efficient day’s work at the office before their flight.

“Vaasa airport is just the right size so that you don’t have to spend too much time waiting.”

Prokon has operated in the Futura III building since 2012. According to Michael Sandberg, everyone at Prokon has been very satisfied with the services offered by Vaasa Parks.

“We have occupational health services, lots of lunch restaurants, and meeting rooms close by to rent by the hour as needed. There are also enough parking spaces for all our employees.”

Prokon has already moved within the Futura III property once and they will probably move again this autumn, this time to bigger premises.

“The premises we have are very comfortable, but 150 square metres is becoming too small for us. We have already discussed new premises, and expect to find some just as quickly and flexibly as last time. Whenever we have needed to build or take down partition walls or make other small adjustments, they have always been handled very efficiently,” Sandberg praises Vaasa Parks.

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